Thursday, November 13, 2008

Site Revamp

If you're reading this from a feed reader or google blogger, I've redone my website at All the old entries are still available, but I ask you to point your browser to as I'm now using wordpress for hosting.

For those who subscribe in feed readers here is the new url

The blogger site, will sit for a bit then hopefully just point to

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feeling like crap

Not sure what's going on, but seem to have come down with some kind of cold. Perhaps this weekend was a bit too much volume for me? I felt fine on Monday and even fine yesterday, however, this morning I awoke with some tightness in my chest and a little head congestion. I wasn't feeling 100%, so I decided to sleep in a few extra hours. I still have my little cough, perhaps something was there all along and yesterday's short little ride weakened my immune system just enough for it to unleash all holy hell on myself. Hopefully it'll go away...

Yesterday's ride was short trip over to explore Bear Creek Park, found a few new trails that I had just been skipping past on my way to Green Mt. My legs felt ok as I rolled out the door and I, did 2 loops around the lake next door, fairly easy so Lizzy girl could run a bit. She was pretty excited, and took off, I actually had to ride a good clip to keep up with her. After her 2 laps, I headed over to Bear Creek and explored. My legs felt like crap. I ended up with an hour of ride time and it was nice to get outside for the day.

Hopefully, a few days off will allow me to get out for another good weekend of riding in the mountains again. After this weekend, I plan on taking a solid week or so off from the bike, regenerating some CNS credits and getting ready to kick-start the 2009 training season.

Bridget is coming out here this coming monday, cannot wait to see her!! It's gonna be pretty exciting time!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Big Weekend

I'm retired to the couch for the rest of tonight. It's been a big weekend of some great riding(for the end of the season anyways). I'm hosed currently, but I'm at least not coughing anymore!

Saturday, I finally finished my first cross race!! I'll happily take my place as the last finisher (at least I didn't get lapped). Last time I finished dead last was the first road race I ever finished. 2 years later, I was a Cat II. So I'll take it as lessoned learned. I rode all the way down to the course as it was just south of c-470. It was a good 45 minute ride down, and then I got in a good 30 minute warm-up. I put on a great show rolling to the set of barriers near the beach. My left foot never unclipped, and I barrel rolled right into the barrier and went down pretty hard. It was a nice display of form for all the fans, that were congregated in the area. After I dusted myself off, I was dusted in the race, but grunted it out and rode hard. The course was more mt. bike-ish with lots of singletrack, some fire-road, a paved bike path and some barriers thrown in for good measure. It was a super fast course. After the race, I rode back home. Within 10 minutes all the food I had brought was scarfed down. It didn't make much of a difference. I was bonking hard on the ride home, as I slogged up a little rise, I located a gas station and filled my stomach full of hostess orange cup-cake goodness and a snickers bar. Man, did it ever hit the spot. Within a few minutes I was back at it and hammered home. All said and done, I managed a good solid 4 hours of riding!

Today, I was up early and decided to grab the road bike and head up into the mountains. It was an awesomely beautiful day, warm and sunshine. I headed up to Evergreen, then decided to switch my route and head up towards Mt. Evans. Didn't make it to Mt. Evans, but made it up to around 10-11,000 feet or so before I decided to turn around.

Elk Meadows From Evergreen to Squaw Pass

Getting Colder as I get Higher From Evergreen to Squaw Pass

I climbed pretty much for 2+ hours till I decided to turn around, I was getting chilly just climbing as it was mostly in the shade. The views were just incredible, and the roads were lightly traveled and super twisty and fun.

Beautiful Views From Evergreen to Squaw Pass

The Rockies From Evergreen to Squaw Pass

There's a bunch more pics so click thru to view the album

The descent down was incredibly fun. However, I didn't expect to head that high up and was only wearing a vest and arm-warmers. Descending at 60kph and 25 degrees in the shade meant instant brain freeze. I had to stop a few times in the sun, take a few minutes to warm myself back up. I made it to Evergreen, teeth chattering and hands numb and hit up Starbucks for a coffee to warm-up. Once the blood was flowing again, I floored it the final 11 miles down to Morrison. It was an awesomely windy descent, mostly in the sun and the lower I went, the warmer things were, which made me happy!

All said and done, I managed another good 4 hours. It was a heavy front loaded ride as I hit 1800kj in the first 2.5 hours and only 400 in the last 1:30!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Potential Cross Training?

Yesterday made my way over to the FasCat Headquarters for the usual. Day to day stuff includes reviewing power files, answering emails, phone calls, and questions that come up. Yesterday, though was bit different, decided to earn some xtra coin and rake the lawn at the headquarters. I forgot how hard manual labor was. The leaves seemed to be never ending, and somehow I never managed to jump in a single pile. That was probably due to me being taxed from the effort. I figured this morning I'd wake up and my arms and back would be sore. Nope, my hamstrings are killing me! Must be from using my lead foot top pull the rake towards me. Guess, I need to expand my range of day to day activities so crap like this doesn't sneak up on me. Who knows, may be a good way to get some potential cross training in during the offseason.

After the leaves were all bagged up and ready, I headed home and saddled up for some openers. Went across the street here to Bear Creek Park, hit some buff singletrack, dirt roads and few sections of pavement. Railed out a few good efforts and feeling good. Except when I was heading into the wind, dang the wind was brutal yesterday. Luckily seems to have faded today. Temps are comfortable and a light wind should make for a good day of cross racing down at Chatfield. Gonna take the 470 path down to the course and ride back, should get a good warm-up and cool-down afterwards. Hopefully, I'll finish this race! Cross season has been brutal for me, but it will pay off in the end.

Tomorrow pending weather, I'm debating between a good 5 hour road grind in the mts or pulling out the superfly and hitting the dirt for same hours. I'd like to hit the road, as I really haven't been out and exploring yet.

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cross Practice

Yesterday was good hard day of Cross Practice in Boulder. Up early to make the drive up and to be there by 8am. At least waking up in the morning, there was a great reason to smile. I'm proud to be a believer.

But enough of that, wed was a tough hard day. My sinuses finally cooled their jets early tues night so I was set for the ride. I'm not sure what the name of the first park was, but it had a decent hill and some good climbs up and down it. I worked on my accelerations out of the corners, each time and was holding my own. I felt pretty good for the early morning lactic acid bath. From there we took a good ride over to E. Boulder park. En Route, I was hacking up a lung again. I did have my inhaler along with me and was able to use that to help keep it down, but it wasn't working that great. I sat out for the re-con lap then jumped in for the real deal. My legs didn't feel like much at this point, but at least the riding stopped me from coughing. Afterwards a small group of us put in some x-time rolling around some open space in South Boulder.

I've realized that I haven't been taking my singulair meds for the past month. The bottle of pills is sitting in my car. Completely forgot about them, most likely all my issues have to do with forgetting to take the little pink pill. Hopefully this hack will go away before the weekend. I wouldn't mind trying my hand at actually finishing an entire cx race down at Chatfield State Park. I'm not planning on racing sunday, even though there is one, and quite a few more coming up after that.

The plan for Sunday is to go out and do a nice long easy z2 ride in the hills, mix a good ride with some sightseeing. That sounds like some good fun!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Boulder Cup Weekend

This past weekend was the Boulder Cup weekend here in Colorado. I decided I was going to go out and try my hand at racing with the big guns. Nothing like lining up in UCI C2 and C1 races, with very little form, and not really any time on the cross bike. Needless to say it wasn't my best weekend.

Travis Brown Digs at Boulder Cup #1

At the Resevoir on Saturday, I managed all of a few hundred meters before my race was over. I double flatted almost instantly. I probably could've gotten a wheel swap from Mavic Support, but wasn't really worth it. When I got home, I managed to pull 11 goatheads out of the front tire and 4 out of the rear. Needles to say (pun intended!), I put some slime filled tubes in my cross bike for the rest of the season.

Sunday's race, at least I did manage a few laps! I was feeling pretty good pre-riding the course and liked the layout and flow overall. I managed to get there early enough to get a good warm-up and even catch a little bit of the women's race.

Georgia Gould Smokin the field

Kelli Emmit and Heather Irminger battle

We were called up by our numbers for the Sunday race and I got a pretty good starting position, I held my own through the start and up the first set of barriers in the "Beer Garden", but after that things kinda went downhill. Image

The massive amounts of dust kicked around and the high intensity pretty much shut my lungs right down. 3/4 of way through the first lap and my engine was blown. I was having a hell of a time getting oxygen into my system and just trying to get around the course. The bonus was, I had no problems riding the sand pits each lap, they were kinda fun. I had to completely shut it down and pulled out after 3 laps. I headed over to medical as I forgot my inhaler, they didn't have anything, I was coughing so hard that I ended up throwing up a few times.

I coughed a bit last night, but the major issue has been sneezing. I can't stop, must've gotten some dust into my sinuses. I swear I've sneezed over 1,000 times since the race. I'm still sneezing this morning. Just want to it to stop!!

I'm off to the first "official" day at the FasCat Headquarters!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy past few days, but some great riding

My last post was a bit ago. Ever since moving out here to CO, things have been a bit of a whirlwind. It's been a super busy last 5 days, that's for sure. But it doesn't mean I haven't ridden my bike at all. How can one not when the weather is 75 and sunshine (meanwhile it's snowing back in NY!!)

I managed to get myself in gear and do a cross race this past sunday. Nothing like lining up against the pro/1/2 guys having very little time on the bike, at altitude and a lack of fitness. Somehow, I mistimed the start and was spit out the back immediately. I swear I never heard a countdown or anything similar. Chase hard, run up the sand, ride in the sand, run up the sand. It was a tough course, I ended up flatting at the start of my 4th lap and called it quits. At least I wasn't in last place though. So as if that wasn't enough, I went and signed up for the Boulder Super Cup Weekend, 2 UCI races in Boulder this weekend, Running with the big dog's again! Hopefully I'll do a bit better.

Speaking of dog's I managed to get Lizzy out on her first trail ride since she broke her pelvis. I took her over to Green mt. on the singlespeed on Monday. I'm guessing the loop was about 12-14k, but some good climbing. This isn't east coast trails, as she's stuck running the whole time and no place for short cuts. But, she did great! Even when she saw a herd of mule deer, she managed to heed my command and not chase!! Maybe that truck she hit, knocked some sense into her!

Today was a bit of an epic day. I was in Boulder at 8am for the group cross practice ride. There was around 100 people or so! We rolled over to the Elks club in town and did a nice 25 minute or so effort. Mine, was cut short as my tire was soft and I had to steal a pump and get some air in it as I was banging my rim all over the place and didn't have a spare tire. After some air in the tire, I managed to get some good quality work in. Shortly after we re-grouped and headed over to North Boulder Park and did a quick loop on the grass. I felt much better at that then at the Elks course, but I'm still getting used to the high intensity efforts.

The ringer for the day was the road ride with Jeff Kerkove. We met up after the cx ride, and he dragged me up Sunshine Canyon to Gold hill. Head over to his site for a nice video of me suffering in my 39x25. I need a compact.

How Badly? Here's my cadence from the ride


The little town on the top was pretty cool, and had a nice little store with some awesome homemade goodies and a kick-ass cast-iron stove!


Little Village of Gold hill


At least when I was grinding up the hill slowly, I was able to take in some epic scenery




Wasn't the only one suffering though!

Tomorrow night should be interesting, gonna meet a group for a night ride at Green Mt!

Friday, October 24, 2008


So, riding has been tough here in Colorado. I mean it's been really hard to get out the door, explore new trail, ride in the sunshine, blah blah blah. You don't want to hear me bragging :) But I got out yesterday with a fellow coach whom I met at the USOC Coaching Seminar in Colorado Springs. Jay G. is from up in Canada country, some province where polar bears outnumber people (he's the Alberta Provincial Coach).

We decided to head over thru Bear Creek, loop green mt and then up the Zorro trail to explore.

zorro trail

The Zorro trail is aptly named as its a crazy "z" across the mt. Picture doesn't look like much but it goes up a few hundred feet, then turns super tech at the ridgeline.

picking a line


bike on ridge

As you can see, we are up there a bit. It was a blast to pick thru the lines and play on the rocks a bit.

We did a bit of climbing as we ascended Green Mt. then Zorro, then back up Green Mt. a few times.

deer on green mt

Good thing Lizzy wasn't with us!

This weekend is looking awesome (it's like 65 and sunny right now). I think I'm going to go out and ride the cross bike right now and run lizzy a bit. Tomorrow I plan on busting out the roadie and venturing into the hills for a bit. Sunday though should be a blast, I plan on getting my head bashed in as I enter the Men's Open Cross race. Hopefully I'll last longer than a few laps. At least there's beer. Oh and for more bragging rights, I'm going to the Avs v Sabres Game tomorrow in Denver!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

Even though yesterday was an incredible day, by the time I got home from the Coaching Summit, I was wiped out. I caught up on laundry and a few other household chores and generally just lounged.

Though Today, I made up for missing out yesterday. I was up early and took lizzy for a quick run around the reservoir. 2 laps x 2 miles. It's her first real run since she broke her pelvis. She did great, I was on the cross bike and had to work a few times to keep up with her. I ended up flatting and that pretty much took us home.

After that I kitted up and headed thru Bear Creek up to do a quick loop on Green Mt. Just put some time in and rack up the kj's.

From Bear Creek and Heil Ranch

I hooked up with the new boss, Frank from FasCat Coaching for a spin around Heil Ranch. After riding at Green Mt. My idea of Colorado trails was blown wide open today. The trails were frigging awesome and super tech. Super rocky and requiring you to really work the bike the whole time. My pics really don't do the trail any justice. It was far too much fun picking the lines and riding the trail, than to stop and snap some pics. I might need to grab me a helmet cam sometime soon!

Ended up with about 2100kj for the day! And pretty worked over. Hopefully the weather holds out

I have no friggin clue why a blue line shows up on my pics, could be time for a new camera. I'm too lazy to go through each photo and touch up in photoshop. Click the link for tons more photos of the day

From Bear Creek and Heil Ranch

From Bear Creek and Heil Ranch

From Bear Creek and Heil Ranch

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Colorado Springs

So I'm in Colorado Springs at the US Olympic Training Center, learning how to make people go fast. What else to do though when the seminars are over by 3pm other than go out for a group ride? I HAD to get on my bike as there is free food here and I am probably going to weigh 5lbs more when I leave this place

Enjoy the pics! I enjoyed the scenery that's for sure!

PS I have no idea why I'm getting a blue line across my pics, guess it might be time for a new one.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another day at Green Mt

So I decided to give it another go at Green Mt. I mean what am I suppose to do other than ride my bike out here on the trails right? After feeling like death yesterday, I kitted up and felt like a million bucks. Didn't feel at all like I was dying or not getting any air in.

I headed thru Bear Creek (quickly) and climbed the switchbacks up the Green Mt. Trail, then descended the fire-road and hit the outer loop. Somehow, I missed the singletrack I rode up yesterday, as that's what I was really looking for as it woulda been a sick descent


Ride time was short, but I did nearly as much as yesterday in almost 40 minutes less ride time! That's a huge difference, plus my wattage numbers were up a ton as I was feeling great.

For the rest of this week I'm down in Colorado Springs for the Coaches Summit. Should be fun, but a bonus is that we are done around 3ish each day and plenty of people to ride with. And the weather looks great!


1st Ride in Colorado at Green Mt!!

I'm now officially in Colorado. Made it here this past Saturday. I've since gotten settled in here with a friend in Littleton and managed to get out for a good ride yesterday on 2 trails that are right outside the door (Bear Creek and Green Mt.) Conditions were great, it was a little bit cool, but the sunshine was warm.

I'm gonna head out the door right now for another quick trip over to Green Mt., then I'm off to Colorado Springs for the Coaching Seminar for a week. Should learn some great stuff to make people fast! Hopefully I'll get in quite a few nice road rides while I'm down there.

Please, send oxygen instead of comments. I'm in need of some until I acclimate!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Busy, Busy

Been just crazy these past few weeks. Don't even know where to begin here on the blog. This past wednesday I did manage to get out for a good ride with the GBC and Hollow crew prior to my departure.

We hit up Shindagin Hollow for a few hours of play. The night prior we had played hard at the Hartman's. Suzanne served up some great chili, then it was time for some pool and mod racing. The mod crit quickly grew into a who could do better donuts. With that, we preceded to open the garage door and try to do them out on the wet driveway.


Needless to say, there was some fun that we had. Wednesday down at Shindagin was a great day. Fall foliage was in full bloom and the trails were in perfect shape.

We managed a huge crew (Jer-Bear, Casey, Der-Kaiser, Hanggi, Fry Guy, Marky Mark, Suz and I) for a wednesday afternoon. Mark was kind enough to lend me his Hi-Fi 29er. I made sure to put it to work hitting some gap jumps, riding 6 ft high skinnies, north shore bridge drops (and subsequent crashes) and tearing up the trails. Could a dualie be in my future?


The past few days were spent at a Coaching Seminar in Ypsilanti, Mi. I learned how to go real fast, and learned boat loads of info. It's going to come in real handy. Next week I have the Coaching Summit in Colorado Springs and plan on learning even more info. Believe me, if you want to be fast for next season, hit your goals, and have fun, there's nothing better than a coach

Thursday, September 25, 2008

1 Week

7 days is all I have left of my time in NY. Next Thursday am, I depart for Boulder, CO. Going to be working for FasCat Coaching!! It's getting a bit close, I'm nervous, a bit scared. But this will be good, this is what I want and need. Finally the summation of a dream (moving to CO) is going to be reached.

Things have been hectic, and I've taken a few days off the bike to unwind. As a result, yesterday was perfect weather day for a little boat riding. Seeing as it's my last day to fit in a boat ride I obliged and my father and I headed out onto Seneca Lake for a slow cruise.

rolling out the marina

The lake was incredibly calm, and we just cruised down past all the houses and hung out south of the state park just off shore. Downed a few beers, chatted and relaxed in the sunshine. Couldn't have asked for anything more.

I even got to drive the boat back (I had to give captains duties back, when the William Smith Crew Team was entering the harbor at the same time as us). It's actually surprisingly easy to drive.

cruising by big Lars

So after all that relaxing, I guess it's really time to get down to business. Start packing up, laying down my itinerary and get some last minute errands done this week

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Oh yeah, yesterday I spent 3.5 hours in the dentist chair getting a root canal done. Took a while, but the infected tooth is fixed and the pain has ceased, just means I've got to get it crowned when I get to CO. Anyone know a good dentist out there?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend Wrap (Full Report)

It was a long weekend of racing and driving in the car. Friday afternoon, I set out for the 4 hour drive north to my brothers place in Malone. Giving me about an hours drive to Whiteface Mt. for saturday's race.

Got there with plenty of time to play with my nephew Peyton, eat some gnocchi with homemade sauce by Grams and watch a movie. I managed to get a great night's sleep in and then get the the race right on schedule. However, I didn't really get a great warm-up in. Being as the race was new and recently scheduled it meant a small field (3 of us in the pro class), but it did mean we were all gonna get paid! That however didn't mean I didn't race my ass off.

The race started with a little prologue section with a climb, then onto the main course and up the access rd. Suffered a bit on the start and was struggling on the first lap, trying to get the legs together. I ended up losing sight of 1st place as he disappeared in the 1st section of singletrack. I surged hard, started to feel better and raced well over all. Race was a bit short at 1:40, but every one of my 4 laps was within 30 secs of each other, so I was at least nice and consistent. I did bag $250 for 2nd!! Everybody better hit this race course next year as it was one of the baddest and best ever!

Sunday (after a long drive home saturday) I headed down to Ellicottville for the Roots, Rocks and Ridges race. I think the last time I managed to do this one was about 5 years ago. There was good number of people and it was a great day for racing. Course started with a road prologue while we were lead over to Holimont and the start of the climbing. Didn't mean it was truly neutral though as we were clicking off a good pace on the road. Knowing the climb was coming up, I got near the front and stayed there trying to shake the legs out from the prior days efforts. Hit the climb and when it turned to dirt a small group of us split the main field. I was sitting at the tail end of the group around 4th/5th and came off on the climb prior to entering the singletrack. I was busy closing the gap to the rider in front of me, when I felt my rear tire was real squishy. I jumped off to throw a co2 in and didn't do much. I decided to tube it and it took me forever to get the valve stem out. Finally go the valve stem out, tube it and the co2 barely puts any air in, WTF!?! I spend forever hand pumping my mini pump (luckily does both), while getting passed by everyone. I got the tire up and ready to go and ended up behind a large smashed together group near the back. It was tight singletrack and I really wanted to get back to the front. Riders were dabbing and falling all over the place, I ended up having to use the "pro" lines to pass quite a few of the riders. After a few minutes being stuck behind them, I finally got free and clawed my way back up. I was surging and flying through the singletrack.

I was actually feeling really great overall. I managed to catch a bunch of riders. I did have to stop at one point and put some more air in my rear as it was still feeling soft. I shot up again and was catching more riders. Any chance I got, I was doing the Big Ring Challenge and hammering through the singletrack. I was creeping way up in position and just was catching 2 more riders when I realized I had a broken spoke. Took some time to get it out of the rotor and bend it around so it wouldn't get caught on anything. I managed to catch and pass back one rider, but ran out of trail catching the other.

Total time according to the powertap lost by flats and spoke: ~8:30. Unofficially according to mom, I was about 9 minutes down on first! I finished in 10th place, which I thought was incredible considering how many riders initially passed me. It was a great course and good ride and was happy to end my season on a strong weekend of racing!

Now it's time for 'cross

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Monday, September 22, 2008

T minus 10 days and counting

Full Weekend Report coming tonight.

2nd place at Whiteface
10th at Roots Rocks and Ridges

Incredible courses and great competition. Loads of driving. I slept for 12 hours last night.

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Bike Day

Yesterday was new bike day! One of the greatest days for bike racers. I got the email that my bike had arrived from the crew at Geneva Bikes and rushed out after work to start the assembly.

While Mark was finishing up his work, I did the unboxing, prep work and light assembly, aka I was the "fluffer" for Mark to come in and do the real stuff. I managed to do this 2x somehow as we grabbed the wrong size box originally and I had the bike assembled before we really noticed. So the 2nd time around I was quite good and a bit faster.

I've yet to give her a real ride in the dirt, but she sure is purdy' and I'll guess I'll have to get her dirty next week. For now though, here's some pics!

From Cross 09

From Cross 09

From Cross 09

From Cross 09

Today is some fast and furious openers, then head up to my brothers place in Malone and visit him and his family as they are all coming down to cheer me on at Whiteface in Lake Placid tomorrow (click the link for course pics). Looking forward to putting the number plate on this weekend. I'll have to be fast as I need to wrap up, drive home and get up early again to drive the opposite direction for the Root's Rocks and Ridges race in Ellicottville. Looks like its going to be an early start!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting Cold!

So with the nights coming much earlier than usual, I've got the flasher and a simple bar mount light on the roadie for safety (I also had my Ay-Up headlight in my jersey just in case), I still am able to venture out after work for a bit of training.

Yesterday evening, it was a decent 65-70 and sunny at 5:45 when I departed, comfy with my armwarmers on and vest in jacket. 6:30ish as the sun was below the tree line I was freezing my ass off. Wishing I had my knee warmers or even full leg-warmers. Luckily I had my vest in my pocket and was able to keep my chest warm, but jeeze I forgot how friggin cold it gets in the late summer/early fall time. By the time I got back home, my legs were a little numb and I think it dropped to 45-50 degrees or so (and it was dark).

Meanwhile the ride itself, not so great. I had plans to do a few sets of 5 min threshold intervals. Got through the first one feeling great, got 3/4 way through the 2nd and I started getting side stitches, WTF? I haven't had them since I ran xc in high school! I've never gotten them on the bike. I grunted away for a little bit more, then decided to just shut it down. It took a few minutes for the cramp to go away, after that I rolled along doing a bit of recovery then just ramped it up to some steady state. It was tough to do any effort as all the blood was holed up in the inside of my legs trying to stay warm! I've got no idea where the cramps came from, but hopefully they won't show up this weekend!

Here's a few more pics from this weekend at Burning Bike out on the trail!!

Chasing Casey

Strolling through the woods

Bear Sighting!

Quick get the bear spray he's close

Dropping the stairs at the overlook

Triple log crossing, wet slimy descent, roots, rock, stream crossing check.

The bear shows us how its done

Group photo on the overlook

The Bear is following us!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Burning Bike Festival

The first ever Burning Bike Festival was held at Ontario County Park this past weekend. OCP has come along ways, it was once just a stopover as the Finger Lakes Trail ran thru it. Now it's being fully utilized and many new (and awesome) trails have been put in, and are in great shape and ready to ride.

I skipped out on the Friday night festivities as it was pouring out and I had no desire to camp in the rain. I got everything together Saturday am and headed over to the park. While a few were out riding, I managed to get a ride in on the singlespeed (with my new Black Ops Carbon Fork!) with Evil Steve and Andy August. After a few loops they dropped off and I decided to put the SS to the test and descend down off the hill and over to Cutler to climb some hills and do some more descending. The fork and the bike ride great and it's a fun play bike.

After the ride it was chow-time and then over to camp. Original plans were for a night ride, but the heavy rains and beer consumption kept that at bay.

Glow Bike

Evil Steve's Glow Bike




Schwarty having a Yee-haw contest


Schwarty moments later

It poured all night so Sunday was a crapshoot, but after a good hearty breakfast, and some consumption of non-alchoholic beverages, Casey, Jer-Bear and I headed out for a ride. We did a good loop around OCP on the slick trails, then decided to explore a trail we had never ridden. A top secret descent off the park. It was a great descent with a good mix of tech, super steep, super fast and fun. After that we headed over to Cutler and did a quick loop on the orange trail. It was a good day, a bit humid and windy, but much nicer than the prior day's tremendous rainstorms.

This week will be some short rides, wait for the cross bike and prep for the Whiteface Race and Roots, Rocks and Ridges race. My final weekend of XC racing!

back to laying on the couch.....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Feeling good

Yesterday, despite not wanting to truly get back on the bike, I managed to get in a decent road ride. Running late for the group ride as usual required the no warmup straight to tt mode for the 8 miles to the shop. Managed to get there only to find no one was there. So Jim and I headed out the door together and put in a good hour + into the wind heading south and chatting about the current political situation. It was a nice late summer/early fall day (not like today as it's raining).

The legs felt pretty good for the most part. I was able to put in a nice test on them for the ride home as it was hitting dusk (I did have lights though). I slammed it home and kept having to double check my numbers that I was putting out. I was feeling good and looking at the watts going, is that right? I managed my 2nd best 10 min power of the season for the ride home and it was dead flat! My best power was only 10w higher and that was while climbing! 2 100 milers back to back, I guess does a body good!


I've got one of these on order as the new Fisher Presidio is not going to be here in time for the cross season. I'll be looking forward to testing this bad boy out asap.

Also, going to be putting a Origin8 Black Ops Carbon fork on the Singlespeed. Will be looking forward to testing her out this weekend at the Burning Bike festival at OCP. Might be riding it all weekend!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back in the swing with the Singlespeed

So it's been 2 days of sleeping and eating loads of comfort food after the Humbler. Seriously think I could have easily consumed 20,000 calories a day if I didn't stop myself.

Yesterday I pulled out the Singlespeed and headed over to glenwood in Geneva to stretch the legs a bit. Temps were cool and comfortable and the trail was in great shape. I had the 32x20 on and was a little bit overgeared for the place. I like the 32x19 a little bit better there. But it was good as I just needed to spin and keep it easy. It was a fun ride to just sling around the trails solo and whip out some laps. I felt really good physically, but didn't feel like going hard at any point.

I did however realize upon inspection that the front fork is bent and the wheel is mis-aligned. Tomorrow I'm going to swap it out with a Origin8 Black Ops Carbon Fork!

Tonight I'm going to pull out the roadie, hit up the group ride, and then get some xtra ride time in with the lights on the roadie.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

08 Humbler Slideshow

Yesterday was worthless. I slept for 18 out of 24 hours. I'm still a little bit tired today, but no where near yesterday. I consumed probably 5x my recommended caloric intake also yesterday, and it was great. Eating is good!

Resting up today, then back to the grinder tomorrow

Monday, September 08, 2008

2008 Humbler

2008 Humbler is in the books. I'm completely wiped out today.


111 miles, 14,030ft of climbing, 12:19 of riding, 6229kj, 4 finishers. It took us 3 friggin years to finally complete our grandiose plan of ultimate misery.

Mark, Casey, Hanggi and myself soldiered on for the final loop. Spent, exhausted, sleeping in the middle of roads. We surged, we struggled, we finally slayed the dragon.

I'm exhausted today, far too exhausted to do a full write up currently. Pics and more to come


In the meantime, go buy my bike